The courses at the Department of Social Anthropology and History are in Greek but the faculty offers English tutorials to international students (students have meetings with the instructors and are given assignments).

As next year’s list of courses offered by the Department may not be out at the time of Erasmus+ applications, it is advised that prospective Erasmus students completing their application use the list of courses of the current academic year. The learning agreement can be modified at the beginning of the semester.

Offered courses 2023-24

Students coming in the Spring semester should also enroll at the course Social Sciences: Interdisciplinary Topics (Code: 700, 6 ECTS credits) which is offered in English. The course consists of lectures by faculty members of the Departments of Social Anthropology and History, Geography, Sociology and Cultural Technology & Communication. 

Erasmus students are further encouraged to enroll at the Greek language courses:

  • GEO001 Greek as Second or Foreign Language for Erasmus Students (Level of studies A0-A1) – 5 ECTS
  • GEO002 Greek as Second or Foreign Language for Erasmus Students (Level of studies A2) – 5 ECTS

For more information on the academic program of the Department, you may contact Giorgos Plakotos, Departmental Erasmus+ Coordinator.
For all other information concerning your application, please contact the International Office.