Canakis Costas


Academic field: Sociolinguistics

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Costas Canakis is Professor of Sociolinguistics and director of the Laboratory for Ethnographic Studies on Language (LESoL). After graduating with a BA in English from the University of Athens (1990, summa cum laude) he earned a PhD in Linguistics as a Fulbright & Century Scholar at the University of Chicago (with a thesis entitled “KAI: The Story of a Conjunction”, 1995, supervised by Jerrold Sadock, William F. Hanks & Kostas Kazazis). He subsequently taught at Princeton University (1995-1997) and the Departments of English at the Universities of Athens (1998-2001) and Thessaloniki (2001-2002), before joining the University of the Aegean in 2000. His interests lie at the intersection of sociolinguistics, pragmatics, cognitive linguistics, and anthrolinguistics, as evidenced by his monograph An Introduction to Pragmatics: Cognitive and Social Aspects of Language Use (in Greek, Eikostos Protos, 2007) and the collected volumes Language and Sexuality: (Through and) Beyond Gender (co-edited with V. Kantsa & K Yannakopoulos Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010) and Language and Sexuality: Linguistic and Anthropological Perspectives (in Greek, Eikostos Protos, 2011). His recent research focuses on issues of language and society in the Balkans, notably the indexical relations among language, gender, sexuality, and ethnic/national identity in Balkan linguistic landscapes. Other book length publications include Subjectification: Various Paths to Subjectivity (co-edited with A. Athanasiadou & B. Cornillie, Mouton de Gruyter, 2006). He has lectured extensively as an invited speaker in Universities and Research Institutions in Greece and abroad and has collaborated with the Centre for Greek Language in various capacities (since 1999). Between 2012-2015 he was a member of the “(In)fercit” Excellence Program and in 2015-2106 the recipient of a DFG initiation grant at Institüt für Slawistik at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for the project entitled “Spray-canned discourses: Investigating language and precarious citizenship in the linguistic landscape of Athens and Belgrade”. He has published in Gender and Language, Constructions and Frames, Journal of Modern Greek Studies, Punctum, BELLS and served as a reviewer for journals such as The Journal of Pragmatics, Constructions and Frames, Language and Communication, The European Journal of Humor Research, Glossologia, Problems of Post-Communism and as a referee for Routledge. He is a member of the editorial board of Gender and Language and The Journal of the Language of Aggression and Conflict and editor (with Th. Paradellis) of Aegean Working Paper in Ethnographic Linguistics (AWPEL).


Undergraduate Courses

L-301 Research and essay writing methods
General background
L-300 Introduction to Linguistics
General Background

Graduate Courses

Courses taught

L-310 Elements of Pragmatics: Language in use (elective course)
W/S-017 Language mythologies: Language and nationalism (elective seminar)
W/S-034 Pragmatics (elective seminar)
W/S-071 Deixis and indexicality (elective seminar)
W/S-048 Issues in Sociolinguistics: Language, gender and sexuality in the Balkans (elective seminar)
W/S-051 Anthropological linguistics (elective seminar)
W/S-046 The structure of Serbo-Croatian: A sociolinguistic approach (elective seminar)
GCS-2 Language, gender, and sexuality (graduate course, MA in Gender, Culture, and Society)


L-301 Research and essay writing methods
General background
L-300 Introduction to Linguistics
General Background

Postgraduate Courses

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