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Ethnography Lab

The Laboratory of Ethnography is the most dynamic institutional base of ethnographic research in Greece. Together with the two postgraduate programs of the Department (the one on ”Social and Historical Anthropology” and the other on ”Gender and Women”) it has provided the context for the realization of numerous research projects, doctoral theses and postdoctoral researches. Some of these projects and doctoral theses have been funded by the European Union primarily in the context of the “Pythagoras” post doctoral research program and the “Heraclitus” program for doctoral research.

The ethnographic research that is conducted in the context of the Laboratory focuses primarily but not exclusively in Greece and covers a wide range of subjects including the follow:

  •   Migration and processes of cultural differentiation
  •   Politics of local, ethnic and national identities
  •   Gender, kinship and sociality
  •   Body and sexuality
  •   Religion and ritual practices
  •   Co-operative businesses in tourism
  •   Ethnographies of the school.

The Laboratory keeps a specialized library and has currently completed the ”Archive of Greek Ethnography”, an electronic database that collects and files published ethnographic materials (including theses, books, articles, etc.) on Greece. It regularly organizes academic conferences, workshops and research seminars. In the past years it has collaborated with the National Centre for Social Research and with research groups from other university departments.



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