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Family and Kinship Studies Lab

Family and Kinship Studies Lab

The Lab of Family and Kinship Studies was established in 2000 in order to cover research and teaching needs related to the study of family and kinship in Greece and other countries from an anthropological and/or historical perspective. Lab’s research interests include:

a) structures of kinship,

b) genealogical research,

c) family, reproduction and health,

d) family, social exclusion and migration,

e) anthropology of childhood,

f) collection of data on family and kinship research in Greece,

g) shifting meanings of kinship and parenthood in the age of assisted reproduction,

h) new forms of family (single parents, same-sex families, adoptive children, surrogate mothers),

i) kinship, science and technology (genetics, inheritance),

j) sexuality, gender and reproduction.

The Lab has provided the context for the realization of numerous research projects, grad research and doctoral theses. Some of these projects and doctoral theses have been funded by the EU, primarily in the context of Heraclitus Program for doctoral research, and by the Research Unit, University of the Aegean. The topics of recent grad and doctoral research cover:

a) motherhood in prison,

b) new genetics and concepts of illness and kinship (thalassemia),

c) childhood friendships

d) birth, technology and the human body,

e) families of political refugees, violence and medical treatment,

f) sexuality and citizenship,

g) family, household and sexuality.



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