Yannakopoulos Kostas


Academic field: Social and Historical Anthropology of Gender

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Kostas Yannakopoulos studied Law and Byzantine-Modern Greek Literature at the University of Athens. He continued his studies in the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris) where he completed his PhD thesis in Social Anthropology entitled “Jeux du désir , jeux du pouvoir. Corps, émotions et identité sexuelle au Pirée et à Athènes” (1995).
He taught as visiting professor in Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris), in the University of Stockholm (Department of Ethnology) and in the University of Goteborg (Department of Gender Studies) and he was member of the research group “Altérité , sexualité, santé”, Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale, (Collège de France, Paris). He is currently Director of the MA Program “Gender, Culture and Society”. He is member of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) and of the scientific committee of the “Review of Social Researches” (“Epitheorisi Koinonikon Erevnon”) and of the editorial board of the journal “Historein”. A Review of the Past and Other Stories”. A Review of the Past and Other Stories”.
His research interests focus on gender, sexuality, health, kinship, feminist and queer theory, the relation between anthropology and psychoanalysis, self- reflexive anthropology and Greek ethnography, the politics of difference and urban space.
He conducted extensive fieldwork and has published in Greek, French and English on men’s same sexuality and male homosociality, AIDS, same-sex families, politics of lgbt and feminist movement, nationalism and football, gentrification and the management of social/cultural difference(s) in urban space. Since 2014, he is conducting research on male homosexuality in post-war Greece.

Edited Collections

2010 Contested Spaces in the City: Spatial Approaches on Culture (ed. with Yannis Yannitisotis), Aleksandreia publications/University of Aegean (in Greek).

2010  Language and Sexuality (Through and) Beyond Gender.  (ed  with Costas Canakis and Venetia Kantsa),   Cambridge Scholars Publishing .

2006 Sexualities: Theories and Politics of Anthropology (ed.),Aleksandreia publications (in Greek).

Special Issues

2008  Historein. A review of the past and other stories τεύχος 8, “Performing emotions: historical and anthropological sites of affect” (ed. with Athena Athanasiou, Pothiti Hantzaroula and Despoina Valatsou),  Nefeli Publications.

2006 “Psychoanalysis and Social Anthropology”, Ek ton Isteron, Psychoanalytical Review, vol. 14, 2006 (ed.), Eksantas  Publications (in Greek)

Articles and Chapters  in Books

2020 “Knowledge and Power. Secrecy, conceptualizations of male homoerotic relationsships and a (homo)sexual crime in postwar Athens” in D. Vasiliadou and G. Gotsi (eds) Histories of the sexuality. Themelio, Athens.

2019 “Ghosts from psst to the present. Male homoerotic desires and politics in postwar and contemporaruy Greece”  in D. Vasiliadou, G. Giannitsiotis, A. Dialeti. G. Plakotos (eds) Masculinities. Representations, subjectivities and practices from medieval to contemporary era. Gutenberg, Athens, pp. 152-169.

2016 “Naked Piazza’: Male (Homo) sexualities, Masculinities and Consumer Cultures in Greece since the 1960s” in Kostis Kornetis, Erin Kotsovili, Nikolaos Papadogiannis (eds) Consumption and Gender in Southern Europe since the Long 1960s, London-New York, Bloomsbury.

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1996 “Αmis ou amants ? Amours entre hommes et identités sexuelles au Pirèe et à Athènes”, Terrain 27.


Undergraduate Courses

SA-122 Anthropology of Gender
special background, specialised general knowledge
SA-141 Anthropological Theory
special background, specialised general knowledge

Graduate Courses

GCS-1 Τheories of Gender
MA in Gender, Culture, and Society

Courses taught

W/S-032 Anthropology of Urban Space (elective seminar)


SA-122 Anthropology of Gender
special background, specialised general knowledge
SA-141 Anthropological Theory
special background, specialised general knowledge

Postgraduate Courses

GCS-1 Τheories of Gender
Yannakopoulos Kostas