The Palaiologan Romance in Context. Narrativity, Identities and Gender in the Mediterranean (12th -16th centuries)

University of the Aegean

Department of Social Anthropology and History

Organization: Smarnakis Yannis –Ainalis Zissis

24-25 June 2021 – Program 

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This two-day conference takes place within the framework of the research program “THE WORLD OF THE PALAIOLOGAN ROMANCE. Representations of Self and Society in the Greek Narrative works of the Late Medieval period (thirteenth – fifteenth centuries). A Multidisciplinary Approach to Identity, Otherness, Gender and Ideology”, at the Department of Social Anthropology and History of the University of the Aegean, which is funded by the H.F.R.I. // G.S.R.I.

The conference aims to discuss issues of narrativity, identity and gender in both Palaiologan romances and literary texts coming from a broader Mediterranean context. Some of the major questions that will be addressed in the workshop are related to the interplay of these storyworlds with their reading audiences, the construction of identities, space and gender, and the multiple roles played by rituals and objects in the narrative plots.